Going Against The Grain: Why You Should Never Send Your Student On A Short Term Mission Trip

5.  They might experience hardships.  If a parent wishes to protect their child from difficulties that may require of them to implement problem solving skills, conflict/resolution skills, or anything related, don’t send them on a mission trip.

4.  They might get sick, both physically & emotionally.  It’s true, students & adults have been known to catch a cold, the flu or eat/drink something disagreeable to their stomachs while on a mission trip.  Also, being away from home may cause “homesickness.” If your child has not conquered homesickness by the teen years, it’s best to wait until until they graduate & move into the safe and friendly confines of college.

3.  They could be forced to tell a stranger what they believe & why they believe it.  If you’ve ever had to endure the potentially embarrassing & stressful task of talking to someone about Jesus, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

2.  It could alter the way your son/daughter lives the rest of their lives.  Your son/daughter’s outlook on life may suddenly change.  All the entertainment that used to fill their lives 24/7 might quickly disappear.  Their friends and yes, even you, probably won’t understand or appreciate the drastic changes that might take place.

1. They might encounter extreme sorrow.  No parent wants to see their teenager depressed or gloomy.  After witnessing real suffering and poverty on a mission trip, it’s likely they will feel guilty about all the nice things they have.  Have them stay home where it is safe & comfortable.

In the unlikely event that you ARE interested in having your son or daughter go on the short term mission trip to Bolivia to work along side missionaries Rich & Sandee Farthing (click here to learn more about Bolivian Hope Center) you are invited to an informational meeting in room 309 @ 10 a.m. Sunday, October 16.
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  1. Katie Heth says:

    Love this!! It is so important for parents to promote their kids’ desire to be apart of missions and ministry. I’m so glad my parents were always on board, recognizing that kids don’t volunteer weeks of their summer just to go party it up with their friends in Bolivia or wherever else. Missions is hard! It is a time of hard work and service, learning new critical thinking skills and problem solving, becoming spiritually vulnerable and allowing God to mold you into the person you are intended to be. Nowhere else have I been propelled into seasons of spiritual growth than missions trips- both service and evangelism trips. But beyond the benefit to the one going on the mission trip, missions and the great commission are mandates from God- what better way into instill the concepts of unconditional obedience and surrender to God’s will and his mission for the church than the promotion and allowance your teenager to pursue the call of God on a short term overseas missions trip? Short term missions teaches people that they can take part in God’s call to world evangelism in a personal way- more than just giving money that they do not personally see the fruit of. The physical act of reaching out to another human being who is lost in sin and leading them to the Savior is an experience that sticks with ya! It is a springboard to a life of faithfulness to God, and may even result in a passion for and calling to ministry, like it did in my life. A call to ministry is intimidating to some parents, who of course want the best life and standard of living that their child can attain. However, as you turn your child over to God’s will for their lives and continue to seek Him in your own, in my opinion the feelings shown in the statement in 1 John 1:4 which states ‘I have no greater JOY than to hear that my children are walking in the truth’- which is a commendation to Gaius for his faithfulness in service to God both in his life and his MINISTRY- will overwhelm all other feelings about the path God has called your student to follow.
    Thanks for the post Pastor Jason- you have such great insight! :D

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